Which is the largest bird in the world?

There has been controversy among scientists for some time. However, the VOROMBE TITAN is now recognized as the largest bird. Despite its wings, the Wormby Titan did not have the ability to fly like the ostrich. This bird, which lived in Madagascar for 60 million years, became extinct about a thousand years ago for unknown reasons.

This giant bird weighed an average of 650 kilograms and was as tall as a giraffe. Researchers have found skeletons of birds weighing up to 860 kilograms.

Madagascar was home to many giant birds. After examining their skeletons and the skeletons of birds in various museums around the world, Wormby recognized the Titan as the world’s largest bird.

The bird belongs to the endangered MOA family of New Zealand and has the appearance of the ostrich and kiwi we see today. The largest bird ever known was the AEPYORNIS TITAN, discovered in 1894 by the British scientist Andrews.

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