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Carbon dating- This is how scientist were able to find the age of the fossils

May 30, 2022

Carbon Dating is a method of determining the age of ancient fossil. This style is determined by measuring the radio active radiation issued by the age of the fossils. Organisms are very small amounts of carbon -14 isotope is absorbed from the air. But the death and destruction caused by this process can be started…

Dinosaur’s embryo

December 23, 2021

Scientists have announced the discovery of an exquisitely preserved dinosaur embryo from at least 66 million years ago that was preparing to hatch from its egg just like a chicken. This extraordinary paleontology discovery was published in Science magazine on December 22, 2021, by a joint research team consisting of scientists from China, Canada and…


November 27, 2021

Researchers say that before the dinosaurs, saber-like teeth predators lived on Earth and fought and bit each other. These are known as gorgonopsians . It was also the dominant species on Earth during the Permian period, about 299 million to 251 million years ago. Paleontologists say they were not fighting for supremacy, mating, or maintaining…

Living Fossil …. Frilled Sharks.

October 28, 2021

Fried sharks are one of the oldest living species on earth today. These are known as ‘living fossils’. This is because there have been frilled sharks on Earth for the last 80 million years. Although dinosaurs were killed 60 million years ago, they managed to survive. They have not undergone any significant changes in their…

Paleontologists have discovered a fossil of a 25-million-year-old falcon-like bird from Australia.

September 30, 2021

Paleontologists have identified the fossilized partial skeleton, a new species of bird that lived and became extinct 25 million years ago. Named Archaehierax sylvestris, it is the world’s oldest eagle-like raptor. It has a foot span of about 15 cm / 6 inches / s which helps in catching large prey. Larger herds of animals…

Dinosaur eggs in China

September 29, 2021

Those who went into the forest to feed on the rare creatures brought up the corona. Behold, those who dug into the earth have dug up thousands of dinosaur eggs. Will this come out again? Heyuan city Eggs have been found in many parts of China, but this city in China is known as home…

Armoured dinosaur fossil found in africa

September 25, 2021

Strange dinosaur fossil with 168 million years old shell-like thorns found in Africa / bizzare armoured spike fossil . Ankylosaur dinosaur / Ankylosaur / fossil, millions of years old and strange, found in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Such fossils are found in Africa. Researchers believe that this is a new dinosaur species. It…

Fossil of a 11.4-million-year-old giant otter found in Germany

September 21, 2021

Paleontologists say it is a new endangered species of the genus Vishnuonyx. 11.4 million year old lower jaw found in the Allagau Region / upper Miocene fossil site / upper Miocene site / Hammerschmiede in the Allegheny region of Germany. Vishnuonyx is an endangered water dog. This weighs 10 to 15 kilograms. It inhabited the…

Largest dinosaur fossil discovered in Argentina

September 20, 2021

Incredible finding in 2014 in Argentina of one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered. 100,000,000 years, 40 m long, and 77 tons. The earth is a chest of history. Its past helps us into the future. Geology and geosciences work to unveil its secrets and line of events

Yuanchuavis Kompsosoura

September 19, 2021

Scientists have discovered long, shiny tail feathers from a fossil of a bird that lived 120 million years ago. / fossil reaveals bird with long flashy tail feathers /. The researchers say that such feathers did not help the bird to fly. So the researchers speculate that the fancy feathers on the tip of the…