Living Fossil …. Frilled Sharks.

Fried sharks are one of the oldest living species on earth today. These are known as ‘living fossils’. This is because there have been frilled sharks on Earth for the last 80 million years. Although dinosaurs were killed 60 million years ago, they managed to survive. They have not undergone any significant changes in their anatomy for over 80 million years. Researchers still have no clue as to how the dinosaurs survived the climate change and how they survived. It was not until the end of the nineteenth century that man discovered this species, which has been on Earth for eighty million years.

The frilled shark, scientifically named Chlamydoselachus anguinesu, is still considered the ancestor of sharks. . These sharks inhabit the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They are found at depths of about 390 to 4200 feet below sea level. They rarely appear above sea level.

This fish can grow up to 2 meters in length and looks like an eel.
The mouths of these sharks are circular. And sharp teeth around it. Another feature is the 6 pairs of cheeks on either side of the back of the eye. It has about 300 teeth in 25 rows. It feeds on squid, other sharks and small fish. The prey swims quickly between them and bites its prey. They are called frilled sharks because they have teeth that look like they have a fringe in their mouth. Fried frogs have the same body features as ancient sharks with larger cheeks, larger mouth and eyes on the sides of the head.

The frilled shark belongs to the genus Ovo-viviparous, which lays its eggs after hatching. The gestation period of 42 months is the longest gestation period for a frilled shark. They can keep the eggs in the uterus until they hatch. It hatches shortly after or shortly after laying eggs.

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