Some are amazing. Especially NASA space probes. If it works for one year, it will work for at least ten years. That’s the way it is! The same goes for the ingenuity helicopter! She’s looking at us and laughing after her 10th flight yesterday! We can look back in amazement. The tenth flight of the Mars helicopter was on Tuesday afternoon, July 24. More complicated than the last nine flights. Still successful. Not just flying in one direction. Ten Way Points. Change direction three times. At a height of 12 meters! Last time I landed 95 meters away from you.

The Mars helicopter has taken several pictures while flying. They will be available in the coming days. They can be converted into stereo images. This will be very helpful for the mission of Perseverance.

However, the Injury has completed 76 months since the major mission of Technology Demonstration. ingenuity keeps surprising us by saying that there is still a long way to go on Mars!

Image taken by a navigation camera on a Mars helicopter during the 10th flight. The shadow of the helicopter is in the picture!
Image Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

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