….. Sea Land …..

   "A country with two pillars, a small country with a father, a king, a son, a prince and about 30 citizens."

  10-12 km off the coast of England, there is a country in the North Sea called "Sealand", a large rusty platform made of iron and concrete, with two large pillars, on which the country and the palace are located.
  Sealand's story begins in the 1960s, when former British Army Major Paddy Roy Bates took control of a small Fort Roughs in the North Sea.
  Fort Roughs is a temporary structure made of concrete and steel on the shores of England to withstand the onslaught of enemies by sea and other means during World War II.  There are a lot of these structures on the English coast.  It will be destroyed later.  But the aforesaid king (abbreviated as the king who is reluctant to just write the name of the person) got into it and started living there.  But he did not just go there and take possession of it ... This king became the king by trampling down a team that had illegally set up a radio station where he had lived before ..
 Countries such as England and Germany have protested and taken military action since the capture, but there have been a number of dramatic legal moments behind it.
      In the King's language, his territory was separated from the English territorial waters and was on the International Maritime Boundary, so no country could legally take any action against the King.
  This king and his family do not stay here regularly ..., this country is open only to tourists.  Tourists must apply for a visa first, then by helicopter or after a boat ride with the help of a crane. The visit fee is $ 350.
 King Paddy Roy Bates declared complete independence on September 2, 1967, and declared Sealand a nation.
  Own flag, currency, passport‌, stamp‌, .. why even make a football team in the name of their own country ... but the green truth is that despite all this, no country has recognized Sealand as a country ..

   The king died in 2012 at the age of 91, and his son Prince Michael became the ruler of the country.

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