GSAT-24: GSAT 24 launches on June 23rd

India’s communications satellite GSAT-24 will be launched tomorrow. The communications satellite is being launched by the European Space Agency’s Arianespace. ArianeSpace has announced that it will launch an Ariane 5 rocket tomorrow from the space center in Curaao, French Guiana.

GSAT-24 will be the 25th Indian satellite to be launched into aerospace orbit. The satellite GSAT-24 is being launched. GSAT-24 is behind the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Pan India coverage for direct-to-home (DTH) application purposes

It is a 24-band communications satellite and weighs 4,180 kilograms. Aerospace claims that the new satellite will increase broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps in areas with limited or no underground network or in rural Malaysia.

Enterprise Newsspace India Limited (NSIL) has leased the satellite’s capacity to Tata Play. Enterprise Newspace India Limited (NSIL) is an organization set up by the Central Government to exploit the commercial potential of the aerospace sector. New Space takes advantage of every opportunity in the international space market.

Currently, the new space is facing a huge challenge. The hurdle is how to turn the status of the country with the lowest cost rocket launcher in the world into a source of revenue. It is reported that New Space has entered into commercial agreements with a number of companies that require satellite services for this purpose.

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