Blue Ringed Octopus!

Blurred octopuses are extremely dangerous octopuses. Poisoning of these can cause death within minutes. Their body is golden in color. The shiny body also has blue rings. This is why they are called blurred owls. They are highly venomous and are commonly found among coral reefs and rock formations. They inhabit the Pacific and Indian Oceans from Japan to Australia.

Blurred octopuses are one of the most venomous sea creatures in the world. They are small in size but venomous. Their bites can cause death within minutes. No antidote is available against it.

A blue-ringed octopus and crab sized each other up in an encounter in Port Philip Bay off the coast of Victoria, Australia, with footage of the underwater face-off shared to Instagram on April 21. Shot by freediver and keen photographer Jules Casey, the footage shows a crab displaying lightning-quick reactions as it dodges an incoming tentacle from the octopus. The footage goes on to show the crab taking a swipe at the octopus as it passes by. Casey is based on the Mornington Peninsula, which is on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. She often posts footage of what she sees below the waves at Port Phillip Bay to her OneBreathDiver Instagram account, where she has over 90,000 followers. (Footage By Jules Casey Jules Casey/Storyful via Getty Images)

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