Juice (Jupiter ICy moons Explorer) started an 8 year long journey.

Galileo’s journey to the moons has begun for Joyce. Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto—Jupiter’s Galileo moons. All three are made of ice.

Juice will travel 660 million kilometers in eight and a half years and reach Jupiter’s orbit in July 2031.

Travel with gravity assists to reduce travel costs. It is a technique that uses the motion and gravity of space objects like planets to change the trajectory and speed of the spacecraft. For this, the spacecraft will fly by the space spheres several times.

Jupiter’s first flyby near Earth and the Moon is scheduled for August 2024. It will approach Earth again in September 2026 and January 2029. Near Venus in August 2025. The flyby will be near asteroid 223Rosa in October 2029.​​

Near Jupiter in July 2031. It will approach Europe in July 2032. Juice will begin orbiting Ganymede in 2034. Juice will cross the asteroid belt twice during its journey.

Is there at least a faint pulse of life on Galileo’s moons? Is there a habitable ecosystem? Is water present? Juice’s exploration seeks to answer these big questions.

NASA’s Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to approach Jupiter (1973). Voyager, Galileo and New Horizons probes have also come close to Jupiter.

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