Do you know of a land where the sun shines even at midnight?

Not to mention, there is a land on earth where the sun burns even at midnight; Antarctica.

Being near the South Pole, the nights and days here are not like ours. Antarctic summer is always sunny. The time when the sun does not set. It can be said that there is no night here for six months.

This phenomenon of the sun can surprise and annoy visitors to Antarctica.
Midnight sun will stay here. Ultraviolet radiation is highest in Antarctica due to the depletion of the ozone layer. A sudden sunburn can also occur.

Antarctica is really a cold desert. Often the days on the glacier will warm and melt the ice. At many places it turns into small streams.

Antarctica is a continent four and a half times the size of India. 98% of it is snow. Antarctica is not like the Arctic. The ‘Inuit’ people live in the arctic regions. It is also inhabited by polar bears and other creatures. However, Antarctica is home to penguins and a few who stay for research.

Everything in Antarctica depends on the weather. A gust of wind can spread the snow, like a sandstorm in the desert. Sometimes you can’t even see people five meters away.

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