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Do you know of a land where the sun shines even at midnight?

April 20, 2023

Not to mention, there is a land on earth where the sun burns even at midnight; Antarctica. Being near the South Pole, the nights and days here are not like ours. Antarctic summer is always sunny. The time when the sun does not set. It can be said that there is no night here for…

Rare species under ice sheets

December 22, 2021

Ice shelves are one of the many specialties of Antarctica. Ice shelves are giant ice sheets that lie on the shore. They are formed by glaciers that extend from land to lakes. Biodiversity is rare here as it experiences constant minus temperatures. James Smith, a geologist at the British Antarctic Survey, once came to the…

Antarctica and the Dry Valley (No rain for 20 million years)

September 5, 2021

Let’s get to the title of this post … As mentioned above, the McMurdo Dry Valley is one of the only ice-free valleys in Antarctica where only one percent can be seen.Humidity in these arid valleys is very low, and the surrounding mountains prevent the flow of ice from nearby glaciers. These areas are covered…