Relativity Space is a California-based private space launch company that conducts commercial launches.

The first stage of the first test launch from Cape Canaveral on the 22nd of last month was successful but the second stage failed.

Their rocket is Terran 1. Let’s see its features.
Powered by nine Aeon 1 engines, it has a maximum payload of 1250 kg.

Terran 1’s rocket tank, airframe, and almost all parts are 3D printed.
In the future, Relativity Space has developed a system called Stargate that can 3D print 95% of the parts of a rocket, including the engine.

Another feature is that its fuel is liquid methane and liquid oxygen.
It is called Methalox.

This fuel, which can be easily produced using raw materials available on Mars, can be used in future rockets to return to Earth.

In short, a time is coming when a fully 3D printed on Mars will be refueled there and shuttled to Earth.

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