An autonomous landing of a probe on the moon was captured by its camera in the comment.
(Chang’e 3 – 2013, December 14)

1) Probe comes down by running engine in opposite direction to orbital motion and reducing horizontal speed.

2) Orientation of probe is controlled according to descent.
3) Controls downward and lateral speed.
4) Hover after reaching a certain height after reducing speeds.

5) Hover and take pictures of the lunar surface below and process the image to find pits, stones and rocks and find a flat area without them. You can understand if you see it from 1:20.
6) Moves horizontally above the detected flat spot.

7) Coming down. You can see soot flying due to Engine Exhaust.
8) Engine off a few feet before touching the moon and falls down.
9) Landing Leg absorbs impact of fall.

watch video

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