What is the reason for this magical sight in the sky (northern lights / Aurora) ???

Northern lights (aurora) are phenomena that appear from the first night of the night 18 ° to 23 away from the Earth’s magnetic poles. It is usually found in green and red. Charged particles from the solar wind are attracted by the Earth’s magnetic field. Aurora is formed when these particles collide with gaseous molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The aurora, which usually lasts only a few minutes, sometimes lasts for hours. Then they stay that way and scatter the light. The main colors are red, green and blue. Sometimes the light fades in the light layer of darkness that looks like fog ..

Auroras are never caused by an electromagnetic field, but by solar rays. The protons emitted by the Sun travel at a speed of 3,200 km per second. Moving fast. Their infiltration into the atmosphere releases electrons from the molecules of the atmosphere. The kinetic energy emitted by these electrons causes light energy..that is how aurora is formed ..

The most frequented tourist destinations are Tromso in Norway, Lapland in Sweden, Reykjavik in Iceland, Yukon in Canada, Rowanimi in Finland and Ilulissat in Greenland.

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