Semen of rats stored in space !!!!

The sperm of a rat that has been stored in space for six years has finally given birth to a baby. After being brought back to earth, the females gave birth to their offspring by injecting semen into them. The sperm, which was completely drained of water and stored in ‘dry’ form, was stored at the International Space Station.

The sperm were stored at the space station for six years as part of a study by researchers to determine whether sperm exposed to cosmic rays could later produce healthy babies.

The researchers designed the study to take into account the potential for future generations of humans to live in space. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. The semen was stored in three boxes containing 48 ampoules.

After expiration, they were brought to the ground, re-hydrated, fertilized, and injected into females. There are 168 children. The researchers said that everything was healthy and that not a single baby had the genetic defects expected.

‘When we have to migrate to other planets in the future, we will have to keep all the diversity of our genetic source. Not only of humans, but also of animals. Instead of transporting living humans and animals as part of cost-cutting and safety measures, we will be transporting these stored cells to spaceships … ‘says Teruhiko Wakayama, a developmental biologist who led the study.

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