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Aurora phenomenon

November 20, 2022

Aurora is mainly seen in colors like green, red, blue and pink in South Pole. Their color appears as particles coming from the sun collide with various gas particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

What is the reason for this magical sight in the sky (northern lights / Aurora) ???

October 23, 2021

Northern lights (aurora) are phenomena that appear from the first night of the night 18 ° to 23 away from the Earth’s magnetic poles. It is usually found in green and red. Charged particles from the solar wind are attracted by the Earth’s magnetic field. Aurora is formed when these particles collide with gaseous molecules…

“White Aurora”

October 21, 2021

Auroras get their colors from specific elements in Earth’s upper atmosphere. Green auroras, for instance, come from atomic oxygen; blue is associated with molecular nitrogen. How are the colors of the aurora created? The sun radiates all visible colors, which is why sunlight appears white. The spectrum of visible light associated with the aurora is…