Auditory hallucination

He went straight to bed as usual that day. He was a little tired because it was a busy day in the office, but for some reason there was no electricity in the area at that time. He opened the room and came to the door because of the heat and mosquitoes in the room.

He slowly slipped into a chair as the wind blew in the doorway .He woke up in the middle of the night to the bed in the room .Sleep was still not possible .He slumped on the bed and fell asleep. Then he notices that someone is whispering something in his ear. A hushed voice touches his ear as if to explain something of a secret nature. But sleep does not allow him to fully understand what is being said. Only a few words and sentences can be heard clearly. Uncomfortably, he half-opened his eyes and looked around. No no one, he lay back again. Still, he could hear someone whispering in his ear about something unknown.

Many people have experienced similar experiences that seem to be paranormal activity. Many people say that while sitting in the classroom or in the office, while driving, he uttered some headless words or room sentences in his head.

Sometimes excessive alcohol and drug use, loneliness and fear can cause this condition in some people.

The fact is that there is nothing to be afraid of in such rare phenomena. But if such experiences happen to you constantly, this is something to think about a little more seriously

These are known as paraquessia or auditory hallucinations. Scientists say that it’s just a feeling .But repeated recurrences of such hallucinations point to some minor psychiatric symptoms!

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