What is hypnotism
Hypnotism is the practice of giving the mind repeated instructions and falling asleep. Mentalism is the practice of reading the mind through subtle expressions on the face. This includes body language. It’s just that the phrase “the face is the mirror of the mind” is brought to a scientifically practical level. Hypnotisam is not a miracle. So is mentalism. The essential for mentalism is observation. Mentalism works through interaction just as our mothers interact with us so that they have a better understanding of our character. But
There are pranayamas in hypnotism similar to those in yoga. This is learned.

Then there are affirmations. Mesmerization says that the eyes have magical powers. So do the hands. Meditation is the only way to know the totality of all this. Many people say that meditation and self hypnotic sleep are one and the same. That is completely wrong. Meditation is different from self hypnosis. Those who have the power of meditation find that hypnotism is more effective and the client falls asleep faster.
Hypnosis may not work for everyone. But no one can stop the practice of meditation. The power of meditation can only be felt by those who are weaker in mind than we are. But hypnotism is not like that. It can be by self-consent or by suggestions. It is not possible to compare with mental strength. Both are two.

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