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A woman who has never felt pain in her 75 years

May 28, 2023

There are many people who wish they could sleep for at least one day without pain. They live on painkillers. But there are some people in this world who do not know what pain is. One such person is Jo Cameron from Scotland. Joe is 75 years old Scientists say a rare genetic mutation has…


January 11, 2022

The primitive bones of Homo sapiens began to form as early as 300,000 years ago, and the brain was still large. Changes were rapid and modern Homo sapiens reached perfection a million years ago, on a par with ours. Forhostic museum moesgaard Denmark The following is an excerpt from Homo sapiens or our ാക്കിയ years…

Why do some people wake up and walk away …?

August 28, 2021

Some people have a habit of going out in their sleep. The interesting thing is that they get out of bed and sometimes change their clothes and go out and the person is still sound asleep. What is sleep? The brain has a complex part called the sleep center. This part regulates sleep, walking, etc….

Auditory hallucination

August 15, 2021

He went straight to bed as usual that day. He was a little tired because it was a busy day in the office, but for some reason there was no electricity in the area at that time. He opened the room and came to the door because of the heat and mosquitoes in the room….