The mountains will change color

The most beautiful natural wonder decorated with different colors. That is the Aladaghlar mountains in Iran. This mountain is as if some friend has painted it with different colors. Researchers opined that it is 15 million years old. These mountains are between the cities of Ahar and Khaje in Iran. It is located in

From Ahar city, the capital of Iran, to Tabriz city. Going to the country, you can see the colors of the mountains changing. As far as the city of Tabriz is concerned, it will enchant anyone. In front of you are the colorful mountains.

Alada is 630 km from Tehran, the capital of Iran. Close to Glar hills. Qaswin – Sanjan – Tabriz – Ahar road route traveled for seven hours. You can reach Aladglar. According to the regional dialect of Tabriz, ‘Ala’ means colors. Ranjava and ‘Dag’ means mountains. How different are red, yellow, white, orange, gray and pastel colors? This view, steeped in rich colors, will surprise anyone.

For millions of years, minerals and sandstones have Due to the chemical reaction, the mountain is colored in different colors. It is said that it has started to appear. The mountains glow like gold in the sunlight. Why? Yellow, red and colored minerals are more abundant in the soil of this region. Cotton allows them to reflect sunlight more brightly. And the tongue. Aladdin is a sight to behold at beautiful sunset.

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