International Day of Mathematics (Pi Day)

March 14 is observed as World Pi (π) Day. When March 14 is written in the American style of Month/Day/Year, it commemorates the value of pi (π ≈ 3.14).Physicist Larry Shaw started celebrating Pi Day in 1989.

Similarly, June 28 is considered as ‘Two Pi Day’ (2 * π ≈ 6.28) and July 22 as ‘Pi Approximation Day’ (using dd/mm/yyyy, π ≈ 22/7).

Pi Day was declared as ‘International Day of Mathematics’ in the General Conference of UNESCO organized in 2019.

‘World Math Day’ is an online math competition organized every year by learning platform Mathletics, which is also a globally registered trademark. The ‘International Mathematical Olympiad’ is a globally renowned mathematical competition for pre-university students.

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