NASA’s plan to return man to moon postponed

Washington: The United States has again delayed a plan to bring man back to the moon. The project, dubbed the Artemis Mission, was originally planned to be completed by 2024. But this has been postponed to 2025.

The astronauts who will be part of the Artemis mission will travel aboard the Orion spacecraft. The first unmanned experiment will be followed by a human-based experiment called Artemis 2. In this, tourists fly along the moon. The cost of the Orion spacecraft is $ 930 million. This is followed by an attempt to land on the moon. NASA plans to land researchers on the moon at least 10 times. But as the US Congress cut funding for the project, only SpaceX’s Lunar Lantern had to be chosen.

However, Blue Origin approached the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) against this, and the Lunar Lantern deal was delayed by 95 days. But Blue Origin’s complaint was rejected by the GAO. The GAO also said that NASA has the right to select one person, multiple choices and no one. In this case, the US Court of Federal Claims ruled in favor of NASA. This put an end to Blue Origin’s move to develop a lander for NASA. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has confirmed that man’s landing on the moon under Artemis will be delayed due to these court cases and other factors. He expressed happiness over the court verdict. Negotiations with SpaceX have resumed.

The Donald Trump administration has announced plans to send a man back to the moon, while focusing on Mars missions. The lunar project received overwhelming support from the Trump administration. But with the new Biden government in power, Kovid focused on plans to address issues related to the crisis and for the welfare of the people. Funding for the project is at least part of it.

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