Teegarden is the most likely planet to have alien life(Teegarden B)

If you ask which planet is most likely to be inhabited by aliens, in a nutshell it is ‘Teegarden B’.
The planet will be discovered in June 2019.
The fourth closest planet to Earth, similar to Earth, is the most likely planet for extraterrestrial life.

The planet orbits the red M-type star.

The red star is known as the ‘Tea Gardens Star’.
The extraterrestrial planet is located around a star that travels about 12 light-years from Earth.
In addition, six exoplanets have been found around the star.
Scientists have given them many names.
In 2019, about 150 scientists researched these planets.

These 150 or so scientists were led by Dr Mathias and Zechmeister.
Since the planet was originally published in their journals in July, it is said that the planet was discovered in July.
But it was not until June 2019 that the knowledge of such planets was actually revealed.
What was discovered that day was about two planets.
Named Tea Garden Star B and Tee Garden Garden C.

The scientist who supervised the aforesaid said that both the planets are orbiting that red star.
But research shows that one of them is the smallest.
Both planets are located in the habitable zone and do not tolerate high temperatures.
The biggest feature of the aforementioned zone is that it is more likely to be inhabited by life, and researchers say it is more likely to be inhabited by aliens.

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