Always day on one side and night on the other

Earth-like exoplanet discovered 90 light-years from Earth Exoplanets are planets located outside the solar system. The surface of this planet is full of active volcanoes. The study also shows that the radiation and gas emissions from these formed the atmosphere.

The planet, named LP 791–18D, orbits a red dwarf star in the southern galaxy Crater. A phenomenon called tidal locking exists between the planet and the star. The same phenomenon exists between our Earth and the Moon. Due to this, only one side of the moon is visible from Earth. Similarly, only one side of this planet faces the star.

This is why only one side of the planet is always day. On the other side it is always night. There is very little chance of waterlogging due to intense heat in the part that is always in the daytime. But scientists say that water may be seen in the night side.

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