The lost world

Deadly version of isolation

The Amazon world itself has not yet given any hold to man. Is there any place more isolated than that inside? Mount Roraima is a large mountain with a flat top. It is found in North America along the borders of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

The steep slopes range from 400 meters to one kilometer. However, hikers climb through the broken slope on the south side. The upper part is 15 km long and 5 km wide. The steep slopes are believed to be due to the prolonged heavy rains, due to which many waterfalls can be seen.

From the examination of the soil here, it is understood that this mountain is one of the oldest geological formations on earth. About two billion years old. Because of that age, the type of life here is not found anywhere else on earth.

The movie Lost World, which was based on this place, later became Jurassic Park. The bio diversity here is prehistoric ecology, or many (black pebble toad).

It is thought to date back to the dinosaur era. This place is the deadliest form of isolation.

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