lava asteroid

When one hears that a volcano is about to erupt on earth, one does not even approach the seventh. They will be evacuated, including those who are miles away from the area. The evacuation will begin as soon as the volcano is erupting. So much to be afraid of the lava flowing out of the volcano. If so, can you imagine a volcano flying overhead? I don’t even know when they will explode. If it explodes, the lava will fall from the sky to the earth. It’s scary when you hear it, isn’t it? But do not be afraid. The thing is in space.

The latest discovery is that asteroids orbiting lava were once orbiting in space. That too billions of years ago, during the formation of the solar system, which included the sun and the earth. The study was published by NASA in the Journal of Geographical Research Letters. Asteroids are huge rocks and pieces of metal orbiting in space. These are the remnants of the planets that formed with them about 450 million years ago. Many contain iron and nickel. Some are heavy rocks. But researchers say that in the early days, the molten iron was solid.

Metallic asteroids or M-type asteroids were thus melted and solidified. Researchers say that these contained molten iron. Occasionally they would jump out of the thick shell of the iron! But molten iron does not flow around like on earth. Space, isn’t it? But there will be holes in some parts of the asteroid. That way the gases from the volcano will escape. Researchers also say that these mountains do not have a cone shape like Earth. At present all these are conclusions. We will have to wait another seven years for the information to prove these to be true.

Asteroid field in outer space against sun. HD video.

Psyche is the largest metal asteroid NASA has ever discovered in the universe. It orbits the area known as the ‘Asteroid Belt’ between Mars and Jupiter. NASA is preparing a spacecraft to crash into it. Four years later, on a suitable day, he would crash into a psyche. Its images will be taken and sent to Earth. Surface samples will be examined. The spacecraft will look for cracks in the psyche, such as those seen on Earth’s volcanoes, traces of molten iron on the surface, and holes where gas was expelled. Any one of these evidences would indicate whether there has ever been a volcanic eruption in the past. The Psychic Mission is short for evidence of ferro-volcanism. What is this ferro-volcanism? A volcano erupts and melts iron – ‘ferro’ means iron.

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