The giants in our galaxy.

Let’s get acquainted with some of the giants in our galaxy, many of which are the largest and brightest known in the universe.

Maggie – The longest structure in the milkyway

It is the largest object or structure in our galaxy. Although many isolated large clouds can be seen, this cloud, which is continuous at 3900 light-years long and 130 light-years wide, travels in the same direction and retains its identity as a single cloud. The Maggie is reminiscent of the Magdalena, the largest river in Colombia. Another amazing fact is that over 92% of it is atomic hydrogen. This may be the early hydrogen of the universe. Outside the disk of our galaxy, it appears to be 55,000 light-years away.

Cepheus spur- Another megastructure

From the hand of the galaxy in which we live, this is a new arm about 8000 light-years out. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a large cluster of blue stars and other galaxies many times brighter, brighter, and hotter. We are born of people like these. This is because the supernova explosion of these algae causes the production of other heavy elements in our body, such as calcium and phosphorus. Experts jokingly say that part of our galaxy is about to explode.

Gangothri – Another megastructure

It is a long filament of gaseous gas that connects the two arms of our galaxy and stretches over an area of ​​18000 light-years on average. It is named after Gangotri, the iceberg from which the Ganges originates, based on the fact that the Indians saw our galaxy as a Ganges flowing in the sky.


The Milky Way is the brightest star in the universe known today. Name RMC 136 a1.

Our galaxy is home to the largest known star in the universe. Name Stephenson 2-18. To understand its size, if we imagine it in the position of our Sun, this star will swallow up Saturn. Just look at life on any planet after Voyager, because the radiation is so strong.

Then our Milky Way is nothing but trivial.
In the past, the earth was the center of our universe. Today it is known that 13 lakh lands will be comfortable in the sun. Look at how small the same sun is when it stands next to the biggest star. At the same time, Stephen’s star is nothing near the largest black hole. So what’s left to see outside our galaxy.

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