Dark night sky paradox

Why the night looks black. Have you thought of anyone?

For dark skies, space has a reason. Although many have asked about it, in 1823 a scientist named heinrich olbers also thought more about.

There were two types of cosmology then. One is the Big Bang and the other is the default theory. In the second, the universe is constant. The universe is spread out in infinity. The stars are arranged alike. The stars die and reappear. It was always like that. Everything is safe.

Then came the question. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. So shouldn’t the sky or the whole of deep space always be illuminated by these stars that fill the entire universe? That’s when the Big Bang came to the rescue.

After the Big Bang, space time or the universe is expanding. Light from a distance is then converted to radiation by a phenomenon called redshift which is a wavelength band longer than visible light. As we drive, the noise in the rear columbine seems to fade. As a result, we can not see them. Then that’s why the abyss of space far away always covers the cane of darkness.

This is an important factor, even if it is found in the dark matter for some other reason. Then remember that the reason why space is dark and the night is dark is because of the phenomenon of space time expansion which expands faster than light in many places.

Its also called olbers paradox

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