Another natural wonder

Lake “Spotted” or “Cliluk” in British Columbia, Canada. It contains different minerals in yellow and blue colors.

Due to the extremely salty nature of the lake, only a few species survive. Silver and titanium in very small quantities, in addition to compounds such as calcium, sodium sulphate and magnesium sulphate. The ponds formed on the lake are rich in sulphate,

magnesium, titanium, sodium and other minerals. The lake is 0.16 miles (.25 km) wide, 0.43 miles (.7 km) long, and has a coastline of more than one mile (1.7 km).

The water of this lake has been used by the tribes for centuries to treat various ailments such as warts, skin diseases, body aches and wounds. During World War I, the minerals in the lake were also used to make ammunition.

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