Giant Vampire Bat fossil founded in Argentina.

Paleontologists find fossil of giant vampire bat in Argentina Researchers have found fossil jaw fossils of the endangered Desmodus Draculae. Paleontologists estimate that the newly discovered fossil of Desmodus Draculae is about 100,000 years old / late pleistocene epoch /. The fossil was obtained from a paleontological site near the southeastern Buenos Aires, Argentina. The jawbone of Desmodus draculae was obtained from a cave or a ditch with a diameter of 3.9 feet / 1.2m /.

Researchers speculate that the hole may belong to a giant sloth. Researchers say it is not clear whether the vampire bat came for food or sought refuge or reached the den as a prey for any animal.
The diet of Desmodus draculae was bloody. They drank the blood of animals and humans. The vampire bat also transmitted blood-borne diseases such as rabies. The vampire bat was named Dracula after the legend of the bloodthirsty Count Dracula. Researchers say the vampire bat Desmodus draculae is larger than a computer keyboard. This vampire bat lived in Central and South America from the Pleistocene to the early Holocene.

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