This is a jellyfish that will turn into a baby again if it feels like it’s going to die

An expert who can live without death for ages. Did you hear that and think it was a fictional character? But no, there really is such a thing. Immortal jellyfish belongs to the genus Jellyfish. This jellyfish has the ability to survive death. Jellyfish know how to avoid dying …

This species of jellyfish can become a child again if it feels that it is about to die due to malnutrition, injury or old age. Hence the adjective immortal. Named Turritopsis dohrnii, these jellyfish have the ability to turn mature cells back into immature cells. That’s how they become children again. This technique is known as cellular transdifferntiation.

How many times can you be a child again! But they only use this technique when absolutely necessary. Or, like most jellyfish, they can die in a matter of months or years. The maximum diameter of this bell-shaped jellyfish is only 4.5 mm. Scientists first discovered dead jellyfish in the Mediterranean in 1883..

But it was not until the 1990s that some Italian researchers discovered their unique ability to survive death. Although immortal, they often prey on larger species. In any case, due to this special ability, dead jellyfish are reported to be proliferating in all the oceans of the world.

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