Humpback whales & bubble net trapping

Perhaps we humans think that other creatures do not do great things in front of our intellect and ability. Although not so much ours, many of the other creatures are seen in astonishing ways. One of them is the “bubble net trapping” of humpback whales

“Bubble net trapping” is a hunting method for humpback whales. The humpback whale is one of the most migratory creatures in the world. Humpback whales generally migrate in groups. There can be up to a maximum of 20 whales in a group. They are only eaten during the summer during this trip. During the winter, they depend on the fat stored in their bodies for the summer. Therefore, their goal is to absorb as much food as possible while eating. Their main food is small fish and krill (small prawn-like creatures). Bubble net trapping is a tactic used by humpback whales to hunt them down.

Its first step, the whales, find the swarm of these tiny creatures, use their vocal cords to swim around them, then exhale well, rising into large bubbles. It is impossible for small creatures to escape from this. They will try to swim in the other direction but as the whales swim around in all directions they will be surrounded by a circle of bubbles and in the middle these creatures will flee helplessly. These living whales open their huge mouths and leap upwards.

In this, a whale will get a good share. The mouths of humpback whales are of good size. They hold about 5000 gallons (approximately 19000 liters) of water in their mouth. From a mouth like that, it’s something small creatures can not even dream of. Then think of how impossible it is to escape when you are surrounded by a group of whales. A whale can ingest up to 2 tons (1800kg) of food a day.

However, because of their small throat, humpback whales can only swallow small creatures.

This is one of the most amazing sights in the world.

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