Tons of gold still under sea: Lutin shipwreck

The HMS Lutin, a British ship bound for Germany, sank on October 9, 222 years ago. It was a ship carrying tons of gold and silver. To this day, the treasure of the ship has not been found. The search for this continues. Treasure hunters believe that somewhere in the depths, the sight of a lute is waiting for adventurers.

‌1799 … The situation in Hamburg, a major city in Germany, was deplorable. The economy is on the verge of collapse. The city was full of insecurity. London businessmen decided to save the city. They bought tons of gold and silver, loaded it onto the HMS Lute, and left for Hamburg. But misfortune was lurking in the sea waiting for Loot. Lutin was wrecked near the West Frisian Islands off the coast of the Netherlands by a massive storm in the North Sea. Only one of the 240 crew members escaped.

1000 crore treasure lost …

The treasure trove, including gold and silver nuggets, was worth about Rs 1,000 crore today. Authorities were unable to recover it. This great treasure is still hidden somewhere in the sea in the northern part of Europe. There has been a strong search for this for years. Still going on. But some other items on board have been recovered. One of them is the bell on the ship. Known as the Lutyens’ Bell, it was found at sea and is based in London.

Lutin from France …

The Lutin, a notable ship in the deep sea mystery, was actually a French-owned ship. The warship was captured by the British during the Battle of Toulon in 1793 between France and England. The ship was renamed La Lutin and became HMS Lutin.

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