Galileo did not invent the telescope!

Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei Most people are of the opinion that LiScope was invented. However, the telescope was first used for observing the sky. The world of science says that Galileo was not the right person. It is true that Galileo popularized the telescope. .

Hans, who was running an eyeglass business in the Netherlands Lippersche and Zacharias Jansen had the first telescope in 1608. History is Ki. There was a patent case between them in the court. The verdict was in favor of Lippers.

It’s not about who built it first, it’s about public interest. What matters is who made it available first and how. Observation is done. To attract people to his shop, Lippershe is a ter. Liscope was installed in front of the shop. Everyone looked straight through it, but no one looked back up.

British scientist Thomas Harriot invented the telescope. The picture was drawn looking at the moon. Heard about Lippershe’s device. Galileo Galilei made telescopes. He used them to make new observations and observations. The moon’s craters and craters are its teles. People saw through the copy. Vya created a great revolution using the telescope. When asked who invented the telescope, everyone’s answer was Galileo.

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