If there is a hell in this universe, it is this

A world of rocks and oceans made of lava. It sounds like some weird fantasy, but it’s true. Scientists have now discovered such a hellish planet. They named the planet K2-141b.

On a fiery hot planet hundreds of light-years away, the oceans are made of molten lava, with winds reaching supersonic speeds and formed by rain rocks. Scientists have described the strange and hellish exoplanet as one of the ‘most extreme’ ever discovered.

Scientists at McGill University, York University and the Indian Institute of Science Education have revealed details of the latest ‘lava planets’, according to a new study published in the Royal Astronomical Society’s monthly publications.

Scientists have found that K2141b’s atmosphere and climate cycle are particularly bizarre, with most flowing lava oceans. Earth-sized exoplanet surface, ocean, and atmosphere seem to be made of the same ingredients.

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