Antarctica and the Dry Valley (No rain for 20 million years)

  Antarctica has always been a land of wonders.  Antarctica is one of the coldest places in the world, with the largest desert in the world.
   It is said that the continent was discovered (officially) as recently as 1853.
      Antarctica has no people of its own, so there is no democracy and no dictatorship.
      Antarctica's melting may have formed due to global warming, but the icebergs in western Antarctica are disappearing.  The rest of the area is covered with snow.  That is, Antarctica is a large body of freshwater solid water.

    There is also a lake between the frozen icebergs of Antarctica.  Researchers say that Deep Lake, which has no ice at all, does not freeze because it has a higher salt content than the sea.
   The lowest temperature ever recorded in 1893 was -89.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest on Earth today, and is unique to Antarctica.  The average temperature here is -40 degrees Celsius.
  This is due to the slope of the Earth's axis during the 6 months of winter and 6 days of summer.
        Despite being a snow-covered continent, researchers have discovered about 138 volcanoes lying dormant in the lap of Antarctica, including Mount Sidley and Mount Eribus, two large volcanoes that could melt as much as 20% of Antarctica's ice and melt as much as 15%.
  Antarctica is home to only about 120 million penguins.  You can also see sea creatures like seals ... The world is full of endless mysteries like this ....

Let’s get to the title of this post …

As mentioned above, the McMurdo Dry Valley is one of the only ice-free valleys in Antarctica where only one percent can be seen.
Humidity in these arid valleys is very low, and the surrounding mountains prevent the flow of ice from nearby glaciers. These areas are covered with granite and loose gravel.
This region is one of the most intense deserts in the world,

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

The mountains around the valley are obstructed by snow and rain, but the ice sheets form, and the dense dense air, which blows at speeds of up to 320 km / h, is strongly pulled down by the force of gravity and the heat generated by the mixing of the ice sheets. Hence the surface of this valley is always forgotten to be dry.

Researchers say that the strong winds and dry weather that occur in this valley are similar to those of Mars …
Not only this, the age-old bodies of the marine life that come here are still intact due to the lack of bacteria, which indicates the horror of this valley.
Only researchers and tourists have access to this continent. It is only in a very small part of Antarctica that man has reached. There are still a lot of mysteries waiting to be discovered and studied.

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