The pacific Ocean

The largest and deepest ocean. About 30% of the Earth’s surface is in the Pacific Ocean. There are about 25,000 islands at the top and about 75,000 volcanoes at the bottom.

Due to the movement of the Earth’s plates, the ocean shrinks by one inch each year, and instead the Atlantic Ocean expands by every inch.

Earth Antipode is the equivalent point or point on the other side of the earth in the opposite direction to that of the Earth. The Pacific Ocean has its own antipode, because it’s so large.

point nemo is the point at sea the farthest possible distance from land. That too in this ocean. That is, when we reach this point in the Pacific, we only see the ocean around us for thousands of miles. The point is that the humans closest to us can sometimes be the only humans flying in space.

There are many similarities between the Earth’s mantle and the Moon’s structure. Therefore, given the depth and size of the ocean, the theory that the Moon may have split from the Earth in the past is still valid.

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