DNA from mummies, the science that reconstructed the ‘human’ 2797 years ago ……

Science reconstructs the faces of three Egyptians believed to have lived 2797 years ago. These human forms were reborn over millennia using genetic information obtained from their mummies. The mummies are believed to have been buried in the ancient city of Cairo between 780 BC and 5 AD. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany are extracting the DNA of these mummies in 2017. The faces of these mummies were reconstructed using forensic DNA phenotyping technology by Parabon NanoLabes in Virginia, USA.

The 3D faces of the parabon nanolabus mummies are made. Through forensic DNA phenotyping technology, researchers can obtain a wealth of critical information, including genetic inheritance, pupil color, hair color, skin color, and facial shape. For example, forensic DNA phenotyping can be used to identify whether a person’s pupil is green with 61 percent accuracy and blue with 79 percent accuracy based on genetic information.

Based on this information, the 3D version of Parabon Nanolobes was developed. This technology, which identifies people using genetic information, can be used to prove crime and find culprits. But this is the first time the face has been made from such old DNA, according to a news release from Parabon.

These mummies were found from 3250 BC to 700 AD on an inhabited area on the banks of the Nile. The faces of three of the 151 mummies that lived between 1380 BC and 425 AD have been recovered. Researchers also say that these ancient Egyptians were more genetically related to the people of the Mediterranean and the Middle East than to the Egyptians of today.

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