A few things that will happen in a day (24 hr) on our earth

  1. 365,000 new babies are born on our planet every day (Death 150000)
  2. About 18 million people celebrate their birthdays.
  3. Your heart beats 104,000 times.
  4. Each person breathes approximately 23,000 times.
  5. 50 trillion cells in our body will be destroyed and regenerated.
  6. Your hair will grow 0.35 mm. At the same time, you will lose 40 to 100 hairs.
  7. Each of us will say about 48,000 words.
  8. ISS astronauts watch 16 sunsets and 16 sunrises.
  9. One day our blood will travel 19000km through the body
  10. 35 lak tone waste is thrown away. (increasing)
  11. 8.6 million lightning strikes.
  12. There will be 7 earthquakes and 18,000 storms around the world.
  13. The world’s chickens lay 190 million eggs.
  14. 40,000 trees will be cut down to make paper bags and 27,000 trees will be cut down to make toilet paper. (numbers increasing)
  15. Environmental damage will cause the extinction of 150-200 different species of plants, insects, birds and mammals.
  16. 93,000 mice will be born in London alone.
  17. A mayfly insect may be born and die within 24 hours
  18. About 2lak cars are manufactured in the world in a day.
  19. The world’s population flush toilets 22 billion times. This is enough water to bathe about half of the global population.
  20. 7,95,000 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube. Uploading over 7 crore photos on insta. 68 billion messages are transferred via watsapp Take a look at how many days it takes to watch all the videos uploaded to youtube in a day

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