How many sunrises can you see in a day? What a question, isn’t it?But 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets can be seen every day. But it’s just that he wasn’t here on earth.

Sky Laboratory of Rare – International Space Station, abbreviated as ISS.
In what man has made to this day
It took 11 years and 42 missions to build this most expensive celestial body.
The ISS is a joint venture between five space agencies led by NASA.
The space exploration scene, which was once in the shadow of the Cold War, has thus become a model for unprecedented cooperation.

November 2, 2000: The first three astronauts arrive at the space station. With that
Another new era in space exploration was born.
After staying there for 136 days, the three boarded the US space shuttle and returned to Earth. Human habitation has continued there ever since. Without a break ..!

The size of a football stadium is about 335 cars
The ISS also has weight.

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