Alyssa Carson

As a child, she told her father, “Dad, I want to be an astronaut like my father. My father, who knew my daughter’s desire, told me to show her some places, so at the age of seven, she arrived at the first space camp. He flew and became the first person to complete NASA’s Passport‌ program by visiting NASA’s fourteen NASA visiting centers spread across nine states. She also trained as an astronaut at the Space Academy and obtained a pilot’s license at the age of 18. Other skills include g force training, micro gravity flights, scuba diving certificate and decompression training. Studying trobiology. Because to be an astronaut you need a degree. In an interview, the entire world media called him one of the first humans to go to Mars, but NASA said that such a news was wrong and that there were a lot of selection hurdles. But our Blueberry has already taken to Mars. May she be an inspiration to many sisters who want to break the chains and fly.
Always follow your dream, and dont let anyone Take it from you -Alyssa carson

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