The recently discovered asteroid tops the 2022 AE1 hazard list

2022 AE1, an asteroid the size of the Tungaska event 2022 AE1 with a diameter of about 70 m, was discovered on January 6, 2022, and currently has the highest risk of impact to Earth on all objects near Earth.

A few days after its discovery, it was rated 2022 AE1 Torino Scale 1. The impact is expected to occur on July 4, 2023. But it’s too early to panic – the asteroid is unlikely to collide with Earth. , Only 1/1700.

The last observation of the asteroid was on January 12, as the Moon, which recently reached its full phase, will surpass 2022 AE1. Its magnitude is about 22, and the asteroid is fading. The next observations are expected to begin in early February.

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