With a single update, Telegram has shut down all video call apps …(Including zoom, Google meet and every other app)

Through Group Video call 1.0,
At the same time, 70 people were given video calls and 2 lakh people were given audio calls and telegrams.

With group video call 2.0 update,
Telegram is making video calls to 1000 people at the same time and audio calls to UNLIMITED people.

The biggest thing is all this
The rest .. Zoom, Google Meet, including everyone who buys money and do this program, remember that Telegram does all this completely free ..

If you go like this, you will not see such a powerful app like Telegram ….

Please read the last statement given …

“We will keep increasing this limit until all humans on Earth can join one group call”

These guys are crazy

Telegram has not just spoken yet ..

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