Why do some people wake up and walk away …?

Some people have a habit of going out in their sleep. The interesting thing is that they get out of bed and sometimes change their clothes and go out and the person is still sound asleep.

What is sleep? The brain has a complex part called the sleep center. This part regulates sleep, walking, etc. The activity of this center is mainly regulated by the calcium stored in the blood.

When awake, all the organs of the body function. During this time the body produces lactic acid, calcium and other substances. They also mix with the blood. Calcium is then directed to the sleep center. Thus the sleep center becomes active and the person enters sleep.

The sleep center has two functions. One is that we do not know any physical activity due to the blockage of a part of the brain. Another is the inhibition of the function of certain nerves. As a result, the function of the internal organs and limbs slows down.

Sometimes only the brain is asleep and the body is awake. The disease is found in people with neurological disorders. They sleep and walk together …

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