Why do children lose their teeth after the age of six …?

The man grinds his teeth twice. The first gritted milk teeth begin to fall out after about six years. Teeth can be seen in the mouth until the age of ten or twelve. These are then replaced by permanent teeth. The number of molars is 20 and the number of permanent teeth is 32. It is called milk teeth because it occurs during milking and the color of the milk.

By the age of three, the baby teeth will have all come out. They start ripening from the age of six. As a result, permanent teeth begin to appear in their place.

By the age of six, permanent teeth begin to erupt in place of the baby teeth. As they begin to grow, the roots of the molars erode, causing them to lose their ability to withstand the pressure of the new tooth rising. That’s why they fall off.

It is said that there are 32 permanent teeth and only 20 molars. The jaw does not grow then as it does not require hard chewing at the age of the molars. The jawbones also grow when you eat solid foods. That’s 32 permanent teeth.

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