WHITE HOLE or Reverse Black Hole 

In July 2006, a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) was identified from a distance of 1.6 Billion Lightyears. It lasted 102 seconds, and although it was a common occurrence, the GRB had a special feature. If there is to be a GRB that lasts that long, it must be the result of a supernova. But no such supernova could be seen at that time. Then there must be the GRB caused by the collision of two neutron stars. But in such a situation a GRB of 102 Second will never exist. That’s when scientists thought about the possibility of an event that had never been considered before.
That object is the White Hole.
The root of the number 25 is 5 .. but it has another solution: – 5 (negative 5). Similarly, two solutions to Einstein’s Field Equation (EFE) are black hole and white hole. Until recently, the scientific world was only behind the black hole because it was a little more logical.

White hole is the opposite of black hole as the name implies. Assuming that does not mean that everything that enters the black hole will be pushed in, just as it will push out everything that comes into the white hole.
The black hole has a singularity point, and due to the extreme gravity the spacetime will be distorted so that whatever enters it will move in any direction and reach the same singularity point.
If it’s in the white hole now, it’s the opposite. That is, anything that approaches singularity will go outside of it.

Matter travels out of this white hole at speeds close to the speed of light, so white holes are just as dangerous (though not as black).
Again, there is no absolute proof that such a thing exists and is very hypothetical. But black holes were like that until they were discovered.

Although there is no one answer to how this can happen. Scientists say that the black hole that once existed may have changed over time. If it is not, then the matter of pulling the black hole in from one end may be pushing the white hole out from the other end. If this theory is correct, it also points to the presence of Einstein – Rossen Bridge. Or the presence of a wormhole

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