Earth wonders copied by NASA

NASA satellites and astronauts have captured images of many natural wonders and disasters on Earth. Let’s get acquainted with some of them.

Raikok Volcano

The Raikok volcano on Kuril Island rarely erupts. The last eruption on the small oval-shaped island was in 1994. This period of inactivity of the subsequent Raikok ended on June 22, 2019 at 4 p.m., local time. NASA captured footage of large-scale ash and volcanic eruptions.

Lena River Delta

The Lena River originates in Siberia and flows into the Arctic Ocean. The river originates in the Bekal Mountains of Siberia. The Lena Delta is about 100 km long. It stays cold most of the year. NASA satellites have filmed the various stages of the melting of the ice sheet. (Image Credit / NASA)

Lava Lake

Despite the growth of science and technology, there are many places on earth that are beyond human reach. The Mount Michael volcano, an active volcano on South Sandwich Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, was one such site where NASA discovered and photographed a lava lake. This brings to seven the number of lava lakes ever found on Earth.

New island in Tonga

A new island was formed in Autongo following a submarine explosion on Lateki Island. The footage was taken by Landsat 8’s operational land imager.

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