Do flying saucers really exist?

What is UFO?
Everyone knows that a flying saucer is a vehicle of aliens. But what do you call it in the scientific world? They describe a flying saucer as something invisible to the naked eye in the orbit of a planet. Scientists say a flying saucer is something that ordinary humans cannot recognize in the sky

Are there flying saucers in the world? This is something that no one knows. It has been years since the scientific world began searching for flying saucers and aliens. But so far it has not been clarified. Many people claim to have seen the flying saucer in various places, including on social media, but all that has not been proven. Meanwhile, there is a day for international flying saucers.

There is a day for flying saucers globally. It is celebrated every year on the 2nd of July. The aim of this day is to create awareness among the people about flying saucers and aliens. World Flying Saucer Day was first celebrated in 2001. This day was started by the scientist Haktan Akdogan.

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