Beaver – Forest Engineer ..

     Have you ever heard of a creature building dams in the forest and living in it with family and children .. ??  It's about the hardworking, multi - talented beaver, Canada's national animal ...

       The beaver is a "carnivorous" species that weighs about 30 pounds [30 kg].  Known as the jungle engineer, this creature is an expert in dam construction.  With its own sharp and powerful teeth, it will cut down large trees on the banks of wild streams and cut them down across the stream.  Thus most of the beavers for the construction of the dam, the trees of choice, are inclined to the stream and long enough to reach the other side of the stream, like a bridge.

      The beaver sometimes takes days to cut down the bark of large trees.  In this way, the trunks of the fallen tree across the stream will be cut off and planted vertically and horizontally to strengthen the framework of the dam.  After that, the construction of the dam will be completed with pebbles, mud and grass.  This dam is very strong and completely stops the flow of water in the stream .. !!

        The beavers will also set up house in the middle of the dam built to hold water in the stream.  The house is made of wood and mud;  The door of the house is under water.  Even when the surface of the water freezes in the winter, the beaver builds a way to get under the water and into the food pantry while building the house.

    There is a way to save the house even if the water level rises and the snow melts after the winter.  The beaver also knows how to make a small crack at one end of the dam and let out excess water that could threaten the dam.  Beaver deserves the title of "Engineer in the Forest".  Canadians see this carnivorous creature as a symbol of hard work and determination !!

     The teeth of beavers are orange, with duck-like skin and flattened tail;  A pure vegetarian and an efficient swimmer, the beaver is the national animal of Canada.

It feeds on tree bark, aquatic plants, tubers, special species, leaves and young stems.

   There are two major types of beavers: the American beaver and the Eurasian beaver.

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