The first docking in space by man

The Soviet Union is leapfrogging into space. America is very busy. The competition for who comes first is fierce. The space mission carrying about twenty men is over. Now comes the important part. Docking or manned spacecraft. That is the most important training to land on the moon. The Atlas rocket carrying the Agena spacecraft was launched in March 1966. An hour and a half later, Neil Armstrong and James Scott are followed by another rocket, the Titan 2, on the Gemini spacecraft. Reaches 150 feet and informs Houston that he is going to dock.

They do the first docking in space as soon as they get permission. A thruster gets stuck and the agena starts to spin very fast. As in interstellar movie. Neil Armstrong undoes and grabs Zamini by the thruster with 75% of the fuel going back. They report the loss of communication to the Emergency Landing Center via a ship near Japan. The two warplanes that followed saw Gemini landing on a parachute and US pararescuers jumped out of the plane and approached them. And so that applause that was last seen in a typical Hollywood movie on NASA went up. Neil Armstrong and Scott had to stay there for three hours waiting for the American ship MASON to arrive.

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