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The “Eye of the Earth”, Mount Dinara Nature Park, Croatia.

November 8, 2021

This karst spring is named as such due to its strong resemblance to an eye with the various shades of blue and turquoise when seen from above. It is formed by a hole of unknown precise depth, but is said to be apparently more than 300 ft deep. This small body of water is the…

Earth wonders copied by NASA

September 7, 2021

NASA satellites and astronauts have captured images of many natural wonders and disasters on Earth. Let’s get acquainted with some of them. Raikok Volcano The Raikok volcano on Kuril Island rarely erupts. The last eruption on the small oval-shaped island was in 1994. This period of inactivity of the subsequent Raikok ended on June 22,…

Basque coast, Gipuzkoa Spain

August 23, 2021

Fossils trapped for over 50 million years in the pastry-puff rock formation – technically known as flysch – along a 13-kilometer stretch of land on the western coast of Gipuzkoa have earned this place a spot in the European Geoparks Networks. Like a book written in stone, each stratum of flysch contains a 60-million-year-old chapter…